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24 Karat Premium A2 Buffalo Organic Bilona Pure Desi Ghee 200ML | Reusable Mason Glass Jar | Pure, Natural & Healthy Buffalo Ghee | Curd-Churned | Immunity Booster

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24 KARAT Pure Desi Ghee tastes great and adds a distinct flavor and aroma to dishes added as an ingredient. This wholesome dairy product has ample benefits in terms of nutrition and health. A useful home remedy, a great cooking ingredient, and a good energy source. It can be used for multiple processes. Made of farm-fresh milk from our own Dairy Farm, it has a rich aroma and granular texture. We follow the traditional method to make ghee. Our ghee is made from pure buffalo milk from our own Dairy Farm. We use A2 Buffalo milk in making our A2 Desi Ghee. First, we pasteurize the milk, set the curd, and keep it overnight. In the morning we churn the curd (BILONA) to butter/loni. Churned butter/loni is heated and clarified into pure ghee at optimum temperature. Our traditional ghee tastes awesome with a rich aroma. It is also very healthy. Traditional ghee is known to cure many health problems.

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