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Description:  It is also called 2-propanone or dimethyl ketone. Acetone is a colorless liquid. It is a manufactured chemical that is also found naturally in the environment. In cosmetics and personal care products it is frequently used in the formulation of nail polish removers, but may also be found in nail polish, bath products, cleansing products, fragrance products, hair care products and skin care products. 

Uses of acetone in cosmetics:

Acetone is a volatile, flammable and colorless liquid that is miscible with water. On the other hand. 

Acetone denatures certain alcohol and is used as an additive in makeup and skin creams. One of the primary ingredients of nail paint remover is acetone. By using a cotton swab or cloth nail paint can be easily removed from nails and leaves it dry. Sometimes it can cause eye irritation or skin irritation

Ingredients: Acetone

Safety Tips: Acetone is highly flammable and can be ignited from a distance. Make sure the area in which the acetone is used is well-ventilated. 


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