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Purenso® Essentials - Agar Agar Powder [Vegetarian Gelatin Powder]

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Agar Agar is a versatile vegetarian gelling and thickening agent, mainly used as a superior vegetarian alternative to Gelatin. Our Agar Agar provides odorless, colorless superior quality gels even at very low concentrations. It can be used to produce hard, brittle, transparent and neutral gels that resist acidic pH down to 3.5. Agar Agar gels melt in the mouth giving excellent flavor release.

Uses: For Baking, Ice-Cream and Pudding Preparations, Fruit Jellies, Soft Candies, Marshmallow, Choco Bombs, Condensed Milk, Doughnuts, Yogurt, Marmalades, Bakery fillings, Falooda, Jams, Ice creams and tarts.
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