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Rs. 550.00

As the name suggests, Hand crafted All purpose cream can be used for body and skin both. It is very effective for AGEING, UNEVEN SKIN TONE, ITCHING, TANNING AND DRY SKIN. It’s hand picked natural, toxin free ingredients like Vitamin E oil, Neem Oil, Lavender essential oil have Antiseptic, Anti bacterial, Anti Ageing, Anti inflammatory and detoxifying properties which helps to keep the skin soft, cool, supple and healthy. Green tea extract also diminish signs of ageing, repairs damage, decreases the Appearance of blackheads, exfoliates and eliminates dirt, bacteria and pollutants. It is suitable for the WHOLE FAMILY. So, make it a part of your daily routine! How to use:- Take a small quantity and massage gently over the face and body.

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