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Ammae Multigrain Porridge Tasty Cereal Mix, 425g, Pack of 2, Suitable for all ages without preservative or chemicals

by Ammae
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Tasty Cereal Mix is the result of processed whole grains as it is, retaining every part of the grain. It is fibre rich, energizing, easily digestible, and convenient for quick and easy meal supplement solutions. Tasty Cereal Mix has no added sugar and salt and is also free from preservatives and additives with no trans fat.

About the Product

  • Unique combination of 16 cereals, pulses, millet & legumes.

  • Ingredients: Amaranth seeds (rajgira), Barley, Finger millet (ragi), Little millet (sama), Pearl millet (bajra), Parboiled rice, Maize, Great Millet (jowar), Wheat, Oats, Chick peas (channa), Green gram (moong), Horse gram (kulthi), Roasted gram, Soya bean, Black gram (urad).

  • How to use: Step 1: Add 3 teaspoons of Tasty Cereal Mix with 150ml (more than half glass apaprox) of water. Step 2: Mix throughly without any lumps until it gets dissolved. Step 3: Cook the mix for 3 minutes, until it gets thick. Step 4: Ammae Tasty Cereal Mix porridge is ready. To serve sweet, Add sugar or jaaggery with milk in the poridge.

  • It can also be served with buttermilk and salt as per taste or can also be consumed by adding Rasam. We can add jaggery and milk and garnish with cashew and kismis with little elachi powder to prepare Delicious Payasam.

  • Storage instructions: store in a cool and dry place, once opened keep in a air tight container

  • Preferred to consume during breakfast time or mid morning or evening.

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