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Apple Cinnamon & Oatmeal Cookies

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Our Apple Cinnamon cookies contain fresh dehydrated apples, home ground cinnamon, and oatmeal powder. These cookies are not only a great breakfast flavor but also provide benefits of apples (antioxidants), cinnamon (lower blood sugar) and oatmeal (healthy tummy fiber).

Interesting Fact: We had an interesting experience sourcing our dried organic apples for our apple cinnamon cookies this time. The apples come from a farm in Baramulla, a village around the Jhelum River in Jammu and Kashmir and due to the recent change in status of J&K as a Union Territory the business was severely affected but it is admirable that our suppliers Javed ji and courier partner Manzoor Ali ji were extremely supportive and sent us the shipment despite having no internet connection, limited packaging material and limited transport service.

Additional Information- 
Petite Jar (100g)- Glass Jar
Medium Jar (200g)- Glass Jar
Grand Jar (400g)- Glass Jar

Shelf life of the product-  6 months in a sealed condition
Keep in a cool and dry place
Our cookies do not contain any preservatives.


Oats Flour, Flour, Vegan Butter, Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Edible Mineral Salt, Apple, Cinnamon

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