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Applefall - 100% Natural | Hand-Crafted | Tea Tree Luxury Soap | 100 gm | Pack Of 2

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Made with organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, a light scent suitable for any gender. This soap is very gentle on the body and will take the daily dirt off with no problems. Cleansing, purifying, great for complexion. Eucalyptus – invigorating like menthol, clearing the airways and the mind in a single breath. The fragrances chosen for this soap are immediately present and striking, without overstaying their welcome, sitting quietly on the skin, cooling and cleansing like a breeze over a hot day.

  • 💚TEA TREE NATURAL SOAP: Handmade soap which takes care of skin wastes to help maintain healthy skin as well as soothing the skin.
  • 🌿KEY INGREDIENTS: Tea Tree extract and Eucalyptus extract help calm damaged skin and balance oil.
  • 😍FEATURES : Effectively exfoliate and cleanse skin waste. Helps to calm down the damaged skin as well as controlling sebum secretion. Provide sufficient moisture to the skin. Overall calms the skin.
  • ✅SULFATE FREE * PARABEN FREE * CRUELTY FREE Ethical, Eco-Friendly & 100% Natural.
  • 👥RECOMMENDED TO: Those with sensitive skin. Those who wish to relax damaged skin.

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