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Bamboo Cotton Buds / Swabs | Set of 3 | 160 Swabs - 80 Sticks | Soft and Gentle Earbuds | Double tip Multipurpose suitable for all age groups

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Original price Rs. 300.00
Current price Rs. 207.00
Colour: Bamboo
Brand: Prakrtech
Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 8 X 7 X 2 Centimeters
Item Weight: 26 Grams (One box)
Age Range (Description): All age groups
Key Material: Wood (Bamboo)
Operation Mode: Manual
Package-Type: Kraft Paper Box
Target Audience: All age groups
Country of Origin: India

Did you know?
The plastic stick of an earbud being long & thin can pierce the internal organs of marine animals that may accidentally ingest them, and plastic stems regularly turn up in the stomachs of seabirds. As they break down they not only add to microplastic pollution but continue to pose a threat to wildlife throughout the food chain from ingestion or toxic release.

It is time to switch to a better alternative and reduce pollution caused by plastics, one earbud at a time.

Prakrtech brings to you Earbuds with Bamboo sticks, which are biodegradable and eco-friendly. These earbuds have a bamboo stick with soft cotton ends making them suitable for all age groups.

Special features:

- Gently clean your ear wax.
- Can be used to take your make-up off.
- Made from Bamboo and 100% Cotton.
- Comes in 100% eco-friendly and degradable packaging.
- Sustainable and Biodegradable.
- 100% natural and plastic-free
- Multipurpose and gives a good grip while using the swab

Double tipped cotton swabs with a small bamboo stick in between are a perfect multipurpose and must-have product in every household. It can be used to clean your ears, apply or clean makeup, baby care, beauty, first aid, clean collectibles, art & craft, hygienic needs, and many more. These cotton swabs are 100% Natural with 100% pure cotton which makes them soft, absorbent and gentle, and safe to use.

Prakrtech believes that 
"True Sustainability is our ability to sustain this planet for next-generation"
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