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Beelicious - Himalayan honey with Turmeric

Rs. 399.00

In the world of fake naturals, Beelicious is an impact brand that offers pure, traceable, sustainable, responsibly sourced, HONEY ( natural, organic and spice infused ) with great social impact. We are ISO, HACCP, HALAL and Organic certified and operate in house on the farm to fork model. We address a consumers actual need, which is to benefit from the consumption of honey.
Since every step from farm to home is executed in-house; there is 100% quality control. This is v critical since Honey is the 3rd largest adulterated food in the world; and most people are unaware of what they are selling or consuming.
Beelicious is a story of 2 outsiders to the world of Apiculture. We wanted to create a brand unlike any other; with a product that is what it says it is! We searched for bottled honey that was truly honey; but couldn’t find any, so we created our own brand. Customers don’t have to be honey connoisseurs to taste the difference. Industry gospel says each jar should taste the same wherever, whenever you buy it. But our honey is happily inconsistent. Just like wine of vintages taste different, fruits each season taste and look different; so does honey taste and look different every season. Each taste great in their real form, which is more important than uniformity.
A few years before launching Beelicous; while we were still researching on product and supply chain; we discovered that the honey available from traders and larger manufacturers was not what it should be. So, we decided to work directly with Bee—keepers. This gave us a better understanding of Apiculture as an industry, how honey is produced and what the pain points are. We are now fully invested in buying from small-scale producers, because it gives us the opportunity to drive positive change, and form long-lasting relationships with people who value quality.
Today, our team still works to collaborate with more local sources; as close to our facility as possible to minimise transportation and our carbon footprint. It is for this reason that we recently moved our entire manufacturing facility to Haryana from Maharashtra; to be as close to source as possible. Our ethical sourcing practise has borne fruit over the years; making it a default practise to buy everything in a respectful, holistic manner that safeguards the community and environment.
With each new relationship we build; we have three common goals:
Putting more bee-boxes on field
Putting more money in the hands of farmers
Building an ethical business with 100% transparency and traceability. We believe very strongly that words like “sustainable”, “ethical”, “authentic” and “organic” have honest meaning beyond just being used for marketing.
We continue to strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity with which we curate our products.
A LivRite product is a lot more than it seems. It’s the sum of all the relationships, materials, creativity, hard work, dedication and resilience that make it possible. Whenever you buy a LivRite product, you’re investing in a clean future we can all feel great about. So you can choose “US” with pride – whether it’s the rack of a supermarket or an e-commerce portal; we’re a choice you can confidently be proud of.

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