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Boyo Midnight Craving Coffee Trail Mix - Healthy Snack & Mix Seeds 200 Gms

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TASTE: Crunchy and nuttyINGREDIENTS: Coffee flavored cashew, coffee flavored almond, roasted peanuts, pecan, raisin, dried unsweetened gojiberry, roasted salted flax seed, pumpkin seedHEALTH BENEFITS: Regulates the Nervous System with its coffee-flavored ingredients which are said to be a good central nervous system stimulantHIGH IN ENERGY (446cal in 100g): This energy-boosting mix can be eaten anytime you crave for snacks i.e. it will help you in replacing oily chips or some junk foods as your snack partnersSOURCE OF PROTEIN (15 g in 100g): This anti-oxidant mix ensure the right amount of protein production in your body i.e. high energy storage rateHIGH IN DIETARY FIBER (8.6 g in 100g): Helps to ease constipation and builds a strong digestive system. Keeps you satiated for longer which balances weight managementNO ADDED PRESERVATIVES: Here in Boyo all the products are made with all-natural ingredients with no added preservatives SEARCH ENGINE: Search "BOYO" to see all our products

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE 20-12-2022
INGREDIENTS Walnut, Roasted Peanut, Roasted Almond, Flax Seed, Raisin,Pitted Black Date, Roasted Hazelnut, Dried unsweetened Blueberry
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