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BOYO Premium Nuts Combo Pack 400g - Roasted and Salted Cashew Nuts 200g & Roasted and Salted California Pistachios 200g

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RICH IN GOOD FATS: Salted cashew (51.44 g fat) and salted almond (55.5 g fat) and these fats are good for the heart and help to reduce bad cholesterol.These Help to reduce the LDL or bad cholesterol
SOURCE OF MAGNESIUM (20% of Daily Value) : Helps in the development of bones, muscle, and tissues and boosts immunity
HOW TO EAT: A big size (W240) cashew is a great snack to be had with your cup of tea/coffee. A great choice for mid-morning/evening and midnight hunger pangs Salted cashews are a great garnishing for salads, pasta for an extra nutty crunch
CONSUMPTION: Cashews and almonds when roasted at the optimum temperature and tossed with Himalayan Pink Salt, just create wonderful snacks to have as a daily dose. Himalayan Pink Salt is made from the rock crystals of salt
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