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BOYO Sprout Seed Mix for Effective Weight loss 400 gms - Rich in Fibre & Quality Protein

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HEALTH BENEFITS: The BOYO sprouting seed mix for effective weight loss is the perfect solution for anyone looking to drop some pounds and benefit their bodyLOW IN CALORIES: Being low in calories, it can help in reducing the extra weight and avoid you from intake of high calorie junk foods.DIABETIC FRIENDLY: These seeds are free from any added refined sugars, which can be good for maintaining the insulin levels of the blood,100% vegan and gluten-free, it includes seeds like mung, raddish, adzuki, fenugreek and moth, whose high-quality protein and fibre rich profiles are great for stomach health and reducing cholesterolGREAT FOR IMMUNITY: Fibrous seeds present in this seed mix is not only great for fulfilling your hunger, but also improves your digestive system by adding a bulk to the stools and preventing problems such as constipationSEARCH ENGINE: Search "BOYO" to see all our productsPACKAGE CONTENT: 400 Gm of sprouting seed mix; Quantity: 400 Gm; Shelf life: 180 days; INGREDIENT TYPE: Weight loss

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EXPIRY DATE 20-12-2022
FOR Unisex
INGREDIENTS Mung, Fenugreek, Raddish, Adzuki, Black Lentil, Finger, Millet, Moth
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