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byPureNaturals 100% Natural Herbal Organic Aloevera Gel Powder for Skin- 30gm (Pack of 2)

Rs. 580.00
byPureNaturals Organic Aloevera Gel Powder is one of the best natural remedies for sunburn as it possesses cooling and anti-inflammatoryproperties. Aloevera Gel Powder deeply cleanses the skin and fades out scars, blemishes and brightens the dull skin complexion. It helps creating a protective layer on the skin to retain moisture. It works best in removing stubborn marks and dark spots of the skin. Aloevera Gel Powder for face whitening is thus an important feature of this product. It benefits the oily skin by eliminating excess oil and keeps your skin glowing and healthy. Aloevera gel powder is rich in antioxidants and minerals that boost the healing process; and helps to keep the skin hydrated, heals burns and treats dry skin. When used as a hair pack, it adds moisture to the hair and conditions them, nourishes and promotes healthy hair; soothes and heals an irritated Scalp; balances pH Level of the scalp.

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE 01/01/2024
FOR Unisex
HOW TO USE Take 1 table spoon of Aloevera gel powder Add just enough rose water to make a fine paste Cover your entire face and neck with this paste Wash it off with normal water after 20 minutes
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