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byPureNaturals Organic Derma Gel Hair Color

Rs. 875.00
  • byPureNaturals organic hair colorant and organic aloe vera gel oxidizer into a bowl. Mix colorant with 6 times the organic aloe vera gel oxidizer to make a uniform paste. Apply this paste using your hands covered with gloves keep it for 20-25 minutes. Wash with running water.
  •  byPureNaturals core area of work presently is organic health care products derived from medicinal plant extracts. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. Each and every product represents what we love about the world we live in

Extra Information

CONTENTS / IN THE BOX Gloves, Applicare, Hair color fixing shampoo, Organic gel aloevera, Organic gel color colorant, Organic neem comb
EXPIRY DATE 01/01/2024
FOR Unisex
HOW TO USE Tear and pour out organic gel derma hair colorant & organic del derma aloevera oxidizer gel out of the kit Mix colorant with 6 times 1:6 ratio of organic gel derma aloevera oxidizer gel make a uniform non- drip paste Simply apply this paste by hand or with applicator brush spread evenly on hair covering the grit for minimum 20-25 Wash with running water. Use organic gel derma hair color fixing shampoo leave on 2-3 min for extra shine silky colored hair
INGREDIENTS Soapberry reetha, Aloevera ghritkumari, Alexandrian senna, Hibiscus jabakusum, Henna mehndi, Jojoba seeds
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