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Calcium Carbonate Powder

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Description: This calcium carbonate is a natural mineral sourced from high purity white minerals from the richest stone belts. Calcium carbonate is a common compound found as rock in all parts of the world. It is ideal for cosmetic purposes. Particle size distribution 5.5 µm. Since Calcium Carbonate absorbs moisture it is often added to face powders to increase the ability of the makeup to absorb moisture. It also makes a great absorber in foundations, primers and finishing powders. Fine white powder, chalky taste, odorless. Barely soluble in water.

Ingredients: 100% Calcium Carbonate Powder


  • Excellent texturizer, functional filler and extender in various powder cosmetics
  • Enhances the creaminess of emulsions (creams and lotions)
  • Enhances the amount and speed of foam generation in surfactant systems (shampoos, shower gels)
  • Widely used as buffering and neutralizing agent
  • Useful as opacifying agent in cosmetic applications containing pigments
  • Has anti-microbial activity
  • Can replace talc in formulas, especially when combined with boron nitride sericite

Use: Decorative cosmetics, make-up, face powders, creams & lotions, hair care products, perfumes & fragrances

Applications: Add as is to formulas. Typical use level is 0.5 – 25% depending on formula. For external use only.

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