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Chapata Karela Achar

Rs. 89.00

The name Bittergourd (aka bitter melon) or karela often makes us cringe involuntarily when we think of its intense bitterness. But it’s a vegetable bursting with vitamins and minerals that fight diabetes, lower cholesterol and improves a host of other deficiencies associated with today’s lifestyles.

Made with organic, pesticide-free bittergourd sourced directly from farmers, our Chatapata Karela Achaar delivers exactly what it says - the rejuvenating chatpata tang of a pickle and the goodness of karela. We make it with the least amount of oil possible and freshest of spices to preserve all of the karela’s nutritional and medicinal properties. Taste a smidgeon and you’ll agree with us!

Best Before 12 Months from Manufacture, Store in Cool Dry place, Store in air tight container

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