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Chavanprash 250 gm

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Rs. 420.00
Enrich your immunity by consuming our Chavanprash which is known to be anti-aging and antioxidant. Our chavanprash has no artificial enhancer. It is made of pure herbs.Benefits: - It helps in getting rid of cough, asthma, tuberculosis, and sinus. - Improves brain and memory power- Improves vitality & immunity by giving vitamins and minerals to body.

Extra Information

HOW TO USE Take 1 tablespoon daily
INGREDIENTS This product is made of Organic Amla 42.55%, Forest Honey 3.5%, Gau Ghrit 4.25%, Saffron 0.01%, Khand (unrefined sugar) 35.46%, Decoction of different herbs 14.19%
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