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Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule Beneficial in blood purification

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Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule is one of the best ayurvedic blood purifier available out there to cleanse your blood and removes toxin build-up. Ayurveda sought to have the potentials and it is true. There are some amazing rare herbs and natural ingredients used in Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule for the same purpose. There are several reasons behind the Impurities in the blood like eating an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activities and diseases like obesity and diabetes also increases the toxin in the blood. If your blood test shows Impurities in the blood then it’s time to try Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule to purify your blood and save you from several skins and allergies diseases that arises due to Impurities in the blood. This product is clinically proven and accredited and certified by major health organizations like GMP.

The Need for Blood Purifier Capsule

You may have been encountered some kind of skin allergies in your life and it happens due to impurities in the blood. Not treating the problem for longer could cause severe health issues like acne, hair loss, eye problems and skin allergies. Our body already has kidney and liver for purification purpose but excessive use of unhealthy diet and lack of physical activities could slow down their work and some impurities melted in our blood that causes the health issues later. We developed Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule, one of the best Herbal Medicine for Skin Disease to purify your blood and remove the toxin from your blood.

Benefits of Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule

  • Beneficial in blood purification
  • Natural immunity booster
  • Treat skin diseases
  • 100% ayurvedic product
  • Zero side effects
  • Certified by GMP and other major health institutions


Curcuma longa, Azardirachta indica, Ocimum sanctum, Cassia fistula, Psoralea carylifolia, Swertia chirata, Tinospora cardifolia


Take 1-2 capsule daily with lukewarm water

Quantity & Packaging

Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule comes with 60 capsules a bottle packed in cylindrica Shape bottle. You can order a small, medium and large bottle as per your need and directed by the physician.

Frequently Asked Questions 
Who can use Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule?

Anyone above 18 can use this product as a blood purifier to treat skin-related diseases. If you have any serious illness, please talk to your doctor before using this product.

Is there any side effect of this product?

Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule is a natural product made of rare herbs and natural ingredients. Our product is used by thousands of patients across the country and we don’t record any side effects till now.

How long should I take this product?

There is no certain time limit. You can use this Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule as long as you require or suggested by the doctors.

Extra Information

CONTENTS / IN THE BOX 60 Capsules in a bottle
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