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Coconut Wood Spoon & Fork | Handmade by rural artisans in south east asia

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Rs. 299.00

Checkout natural handmade palm wood spoon and fork made from discarded wooden logs of a coconut trees. It is 100% chemical-free made of organic material.

We at EcoBowls are passionate about recycling the natural resources to create beautiful and useful products. Our Palm wood spoons are made from discarded palm wood logs of coconut tree.
These trees are able to bear for about 80 years of their life after which the tree is either discarded or recycled by being carved into timber, making it a sustainable choice for kitchen utensils.
No two Spoons or forks are same, that is the beauty of this. No one in the world can have the same as yours. Just like you one in million.

If you are looking to adopt a plastic-free eco-friendly alternative to serve your customer with, we are here with a mission to create a conscious & healthy community. Plastic products have taken over our life entirely and played a prominent role in damaging our nature.

Our interest in healthy food and conscious living has led us to these pretty coconut Bowl, where having an abundance of resources of coconuts in Asia, we tend to use unhealthy & single-use products in our daily life.

Thus result increase in pollution, landfill & methane gas emission which led to a hazardous effect on the environment & population living near around.EcoBowls are perfect creation to rescue these shells from being wasted.

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