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Copy of Cotton Durries - Light Pink

Rs. 1,250.00
"• This unique durries is made of different colour stock lots  or scrap textile woven together that usually end up shredded as rags, here is a beautiful durries with a brand new lease of life  in intricate pattern and colourful designs.
• Instead of wasting all stock lots we will be used for this beautiful hand woven rug which gives artistic look and warmth to room. Eco-friendly alternative to reduce your carbon footprint. Add a dash of vibrancy and warmth to your room with these bright and colourful cotton durries.
• Since the durries are made from textile waste, we get assorted colours of durries in each lot.
• These durries are woven by our weavers in a remote village.
• By promoting and creating a market for these durries, we are trying to create more work and consistent and good employment for these traditional weavers.
• The soft cotton fabric makes it perfect for it to be used as a bed cover or throw or even a rug on your floor.
   152 Cm Length, 100 Cm Width, 1 Cm Height "

Extra Information

COLOR Light Pink
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