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DM ElixirCare Prenatal Multivitamin for Pregnancy with DHA – 180 Capsules

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From the house of DM Pharma, we introduce our new range of multivitamins products- DM-ELixirCare!!

  • ✔ 100% NOURISHMENT FOR YOU ANFD THE BABY: DM ElixirCare Prenatal Multivitamin gives 100% Daily RDA Value of 13 Pregnancy Essential and vital Vitamins, 3 Minerals & Omega 3 DHA  which helps you get the complete nourishment throughout your pregnancy months. 


  • ✔ HEALTHY BRAIN GROWTH, EYE & SPINAL CORD SUPPORT AND BONE AND JOINT SUPPORT: DHA & Methylfolate supportS healthy Brain, Eye, and Spinal Cord growth in the baby during the pregnancy months. Calcium & Vitamin D support Bone and Joint Health for to be moms.


  • ✔ PROMOTES TO BE MOTHER'S WITH ENHANCED ENERGY & IMMUNITY: Our vital blend of essential vitamins and minerals helps mothers with enhanced energy. Vitamin C &  easily absorbed Zinc helps boost immunity for to be mothers.


  • ✔ A PRENATAL MULTIVITAMIN THAT TO BE MOTHER AND BABY CAN ABSORB EASILY: We have specially curated these multivitamins for pregnant women and they are non-constipating, non-nauseating in nature. 
  • We use chelated iron which is easily absorbed and does not cause constipation or nausea. Chelated Iron is the best form of Iron during pregnancy as recommended by doctors.


  • ✔ COMPLETELY PREGNANCY SAFE COMPOSITION AND INGREDIENTS: Our prenatal multivitamins are made from a completely pregnancy-safe composition.  Omega 3 DHA is obtained from Certified Mercury Free Source. Betacarotene (Natural Source of Vitamin A) used instead of Palmitate (Synthetic Source). 
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