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Crispea-Roasted flavored chickpeas| High protein & fiber Snacks | gluten free, vegan, Healthy snacks| Mexican Salsa (pack of 5)

Rs. 250.00

CRISPEA, made from organic garbanzo beans (chickpea), is good for heart health, helps control blood sugar, promotes digestive health, and aids in weight loss. With an excellent amino acid profile, Crispea is a good source of vegetarian proteins.

Verified by expert nutritionists, these munchies are made with great care and desire to provide the best. They are perfectly crisped to give you a hearty crunch with an assortment of spicy and tangy flavors.

For whom?

Crispea was created to give people a snack that is tasty and actually crunchy but way healthier than our chips and other munchies. These delicious crunchy snacks can be enjoyed by all.

They pack an enjoyable snack for kids to pack in their snack boxes.
No more giving up on healthy food while traveling.
Mid-meal snacks are not boring when Crispea is around.
Easy to carry along snacks for the office, picnics, or while on the road.
Battle off traffic jams with this crunchilicious protein snack.
Crispea makes it easy to stick to your diet as it is low fat, low carb, and high protein snack
Boost up your workouts with the protein and spice up your taste buds with the tantalizing flavors
Pop on guilt-free while you binge your favorite shows, series, or movies.
Power up your runs, rides, and hikes with clean, natural vegetarian proteins.
What makes Crispea different?

Crispea is a healthy protein snack that is not sweet (like your protein bars and cookies) but everything else you crave for.

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