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Crushed Organics - Sativa Beard Oil - Promotes Hair Growth | Strengthens the hair strands | Increases Thickness | Adds shine to the beard | Reduces dryness & itching | Keeps the beard moist | Nourishes the beard

Rs. 299.00
Sativa Beard Oil is Packed with lipids, which adds moisture and shine to your beard. The fatty acids in the oil helps to strengthen fragile strands and may even make your hair thicker. It can also help promote new hair growth specially if you have a patchy beard. Sativa Beard oil penetrates the skin better than most essential oils and helps blood circulation. It reduces dryness and itching one of the biggest banes while growing a beard. Helps in styling your beard while also nourishing it. 
Sativa Beard Oil always keeps your Beard Hydrated, Smooth & Glowing.
Benefits : 
1. Promotes Hair Growth
2. Strengthens the hair strands
3. Increases Thickness
4. Adds shine to the beard 
5. Reduces dryness & itching
6. Keeps the beard moist
7. Nourishes the beard
How to use :
After cleansing the facial hair(Beard), apply few drops of Sativa Beard Oil directly to your Beard.
Storage :
Store in cool dry place away from sunlight
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