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Currygram Chettinad Masala, ready to cook, 300 gm, all natural ingredients, no preservatives and artificial colours added, medium spicy, serves 4

Rs. 149.00
Currygram Chettinad Masala Gravy is an authentic and traditional ready to cook paste to add to your favourite dishes. It lends a rich aroma and taste to your dish within minutes and uses all fresh, healthy and natural ingredients. It is free from preservatives and chemicals and does not contain any artificial colours or flavouring agents. Currygram Chettinad Masala Gravy is a clean label product. This is for the convenience of all the last-minute cooks and chefs out there who wish to treat their family and friends with delectable dishes without any hassle.

Extra Information

CONTENTS / IN THE BOX "Energy - 152.14kcal Fat - 2.90% Protein - 1.53% Carbohydrate - 29.98% Sugar - 0.04% Dietary Fibre - 1.51%"
FOR Unisex
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