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Desi Karigar® Handmade 3D Star Jigsaw Wooden Brainteaser Puzzle Game For Kids

Rs. 399.00
Bring home a fusion of style, mind game and beauty with this beautiful Desi Karigar® 3D Star Jigsaw Wooden Puzzle Games Set Brain Teaser made by the craftsmen of Desi Karigar® Saharanpur.

What's better than having a puzzle game at the ready to help you pass your valuable time? How about having a challenging puzzle games? The 3D Star Wooden Puzzle Game Set the fun by giving you thrillng puzzle game that you can play at home or at the office. Perfect for passing the time on a rainy day, taking a break from the stresses of your day and keeping your mind sharp, this Puzzle is sure to delight any adult or teen.

The puzzle is a three dimensional building games. Exercise your brain with this Beautiful hand-crafted sheesham wood star puzzle, made from six uniquely shaped pieces. This brain teaser is made by careful carving of two of the surfaces of each block, so that the individual pieces can interlock. Even if you know the shape of the blocks, you will find seperating them or reassembling the cluster, a very puzzling problem to tackle.

With this 3D Wooden Star Puzzle Game from the house of Desi Karigar®, you'll never have to worry about pieces becoming lost or damaged.The size of Star puzzle is 4 x 4 x 4 inches.

This puzzle game is constructed entirely by hand, the 3D Star Wooden Puzzle Game shows off Indian wood working at its finest. This set is so attractive that it can easily be used as a decoration in a den, family room, office or waiting room. It's also a favorite table game for cafes and coffee shops. Because the pieces are handcrafted, you're guaranteed to be impressed with the quality of the game set.

See if you have what it takes to assemble three challenging 3D puzzles or put someone special to the test! Order the 3D star Wooden Puzzle Game for yourself or to give as a gift for any occasion.You can check the solution videos of this puzzle game on Desi Karigar® channel.

This 3D Wooden Puzzle Games Set Brain Teaser serves as a nice showpiece itself. This 3D Star Wooden Puzzle Games Set Brain Teaser suits perfectly as decoration of your Room.

Each 3D Star Wooden Puzzle Games Set Brain Teaser jugaad is individually branded by the natural grains of the wood and the touch of the craftsman of Desi Karigar®. Desi Karigar® brings you the best of Indian handicraft products from all around India made by the rural artists. Their classic design and structure makes them a must have art amongst those who love collecting distinct showpieces. Their beautiful design, detailed carving and lovely structure together make it a desirable accessory for your home. They can also prove to be a great gift for those who love gathering collectibles.

Extra Information

CONTENTS / IN THE BOX One Piece Puzzle
FOR Unisex
SIZE 10x10x10 cm
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