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Desi Karigar® Handmade Indian Wooden Puzzle Magic Box Game - Wooden Toy Game - Brain Teaser

Rs. 399.00
Your Mission: Unlock Some Fun!
Look no further for a non-traditional mind-blowing challenge that’s infused with excitement! Draped in secrecy and doused in bewilderment, this Wooden Puzzle Secret Box Brain Teaser presents a brilliant blend of mind-exercising challenge and captivating fun. This seemingly simple-looking wooden box holds an alluring secret inside that can only be opened by using the right sequence of moves. It’s just as entertaining to solve as it is to watch another who’s consumed with intrigue try to unlock this magic box. Its interior compartments are ideal for stashing your cash or hiding other valuables out of sight such as jewelry, collectible coins, cards, tickets and so much more.

Entertainment for Everyone
Think outside the wooden gift case box as this specialty item is designed to provide an entertaining challenge that both kids and adults can enjoy. It makes for a great mind-stimulating exercise that inspires problem-solving fun while increasing brain fitness.

A Whimsical Gift
Add a unique twist to gift-giving by locking away the surprise in this gift cash puzzle lock box. The lucky recipient must solve its perplexing puzzle before the tricky magic box unlocks to reveal the treasure hidden inside. It makes for a great conversation starter and is a perfect gift box for holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations and any other special occasion.

Product Specs:
Expertly crafted of 100% natural wood
Level of Difficulty on a scale of 1 to 5: 3+
measurements Little box : W: 2.25" L: 4" H: 2"
Puzzle is appropriate for ages 6 and up
Boosts gift-giving to an exciting level for any occasion

If you’re feeling up for an intellectual challenge or simply looking for a tantalizing way to present a gift, add this unique Magic Wooden Puzzle Box to your shopping cart now and start unlocking some fun!

Extra Information

CONTENTS / IN THE BOX One Piece Puzzle
SIZE 10x6x5 cm
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