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Desi Karigar® Jimmy Deluxe - III Point - Wooden massager - Pack Of 4c

Rs. 249.00
Desi Karigar® Presents Health Tool which is made by Artisans of India.It is made from Sheesam Wood and Ideal Hand Massage and Keep Away Body Stress . This massager relax you in a great way and it improves blood circulation in the fingers. It is light weight  and easy to carry. This handcrafted and handmade piece is a finely carved sculpture that has a practical use. The depth, range and inspirational intricacy of this legacy stems from its socio-economic ethos, with generations of artisans pursuing these crafts. Purpose of using these finger massager is to improve blood circulation and body stress remover.

Extra Information

CONTENTS / IN THE BOX Set Of Four Massager
FOR Unisex
SIZE 12x1x1
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