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Desi Karigar® Wooden Adult Snake Cube Puzzle Handmade Gifts Kids Toys

Rs. 399.00
Gift this fascinating wooden puzzle from the house of Desi Karigar® to polish your child's brain and hand coordination. It is an elastic string connecting all wooden blocks in two different colors. The jumbled up blocks in a snake-like structure have to be connected to form a cube. This puzzle is unique and it is as challenging for an adult as it is for a child. Keep it in your living room and have a fun filled evening with your guests. The wooden snake cube puzzle is made up of a long wooden chain of 27 "cubelets". By intricately bending, placing and building the cubelets on top of one another, you can create one solid cube. Each of the 27 cubelets is connected to one another with an elastic band on the inside to keep the cubes together, but still bendable. When finished, you'll have a 3-inch by 3-inch by 3-inch cube.

The Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Snake Cube is a complete puzzle set designed for use on the go.

Unlike other puzzles that you'll find in stores, the Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Snake Cube was made to stand the test of time. The pieces are all constructed from solid Indian rosewood, not flimsy cardboard or plastic. The handsome grain of the natural wood makes this game as much of a decorative item as it is a challenging, fun toy. As a result, you can leave it assembled in a game room or den. It's even great to keep on a desk in an office, on a table in a waiting room or a shelf inside of a coffee shop or cafe. No matter where you use it or display it, you're sure to be impressed with the Indian handcraftsmanship.

Get the perfect travel game to keep you or your kids entertained wherever you go or give the gift of a toy that is of much finer quality that anything you'll find in stores. Order the Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Snake Cube for yourself or to give as a present to a special adult or child! Add this puzzle to your cart now!

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CONTENTS / IN THE BOX One Piece Puzzle
SIZE 7x7x7
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