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Desi Karigar® Wooden Foot / Feet Massager Roller Stress Acupressure

Rs. 449.00
Acupressure is an ancient art which is used for healing purposes without having medicines. This Product from the house of Desi Karigar® helps in maintaing normal blood pressure. This Wooden Accupressure Massager is handcrafted by the rural artisans of north India. Natural traditional method to relieve pain by applying the pointed pressure is called acupressure. All the body parts are linked to hands, so applying pressure in the hand cures whole body ailments. This tool will help you stay healthy & fit at home. Roll  your foot, and body for 5 to 10 minutes daily. Best for your both feet relaxation. Stimulates acupressure points activates blood circulation, tiredness, freshness, effective in foot pain & total health.

Each acupressure massager is individually branded from the house of Desi Karigar®. Desi Karigar® brings you the best of Indian handicraft products from all around India made by the rural artists. Their classic design and structure makes them a must have art amongst those who love collecting distinct showpieces. Their beautiful design, detailed carving and lovely structure together make it a desirable accessory for your home. They can also prove to be a great gift for those who love gathering collectibles.

Extra Information

CONTENTS / IN THE BOX One Piece Massager
FOR Unisex
SIZE 19x18x4 cm
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