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DM ElixirCare Biotin with Multivitamin | Aloe Vera, Keratin & Bamboo Extract | Hair Growth, Repair and Glowing Skin | 60 Tablets

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  • ✔ MAX STRENGTH BIOTIN IMPROVES HAIR VOLUME – Our High Potency Biotin tablets for hair growth for women & men with multivitamins help support faster hair growth, increases hair volume, and makes hair stronger from the roots.
  • ✔ 50 INGREDIENTS MULTIVITAMINS FOR WOMEN & MEN – Our biotin tablets are a complete Hair & Skin Supplement with multivitamins and minerals that gives you a 2 in 1 advantage that helps Boost Energy, Immunity & Vitality.
  • ✔ KERATIN, HYALURONIC ACID & AMINO ACIDS HELP REPAIR HAIR DAMAGE - Our biotin tablets for hair growth for women and men have Keratin which helps reduce dryness of hair and helps repair hair damage. Improves the elasticity of hair and helps reduce split ends. Amino Acids help in Keratin production. Hyaluronic Acid helps to grow your hair thicker.
  • ✔ BAMBOO EXTRACT, ALOE VERA & VITAMINS PROMOTE GLOWING SKIN- Our multivitamin tablets for women and men with biotin has Bamboo Extract, Aloe Vera, Neem Extract, Vitamin A, C & E which promote and maintain healthy skin tissue by giving it a glow, making your skin smooth and keeping it radiant. This biotin supplement for hair also has Bamboo Extract which prevents hair thinning.
  • ✔ SHINY, LUSTROUS HAIR & NAIL STRENGTH- The biotin tablets for hair growth contain Keratin & Grape Seed Extract give extra shine & Luster to hair. Biotin & Keratin also help strengthen the nail cuticles, help prevent breakage leading to less brittle nails.
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