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Dr. Bhargav’s –Medha-D Capsule | Fights Depression NAturally| Depression ki Ayurvedic Dawa| Strengthens nerves & mind re-calling Power | Medicine for poor concertation |Effective medicine for uncertain thoughts | Ayurvedic medicine for Fear and Phobia | S

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Dr.Bhargav’sMedha-D Capsulehelps to balance stress hormones ,combat stress & depression NAturally. This composition strengthen memory adaptive & recalling power, gives clarity, communication confidence& consciousness. Long term use is safe and also helps to fight from fear & phobia, cures palpitation.Medha –D Capsules is a blend of powerful rejuveNAting herbs for the brain and nervous system that promote memory, comprehension, concentration, and intelligence.

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE Best after 3 Years of manufacturing
HOW TO USE Take 1-2 Cap Twice A Day After Mealwith Water
INGREDIENTS Potential Bacopa &Vach Extracts
SIZE 80 gms
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