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Essence of Life Weight Watchers Honey - 350gm (350 gm)

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Ginger is very effective in stimulating weight loss, especially for diminishing cholesterol levels. For a small vegetable like garlic sure has a big, and well deserved, reputation. It may help in reducing unhealthy fats, hyper-tension and unblock the plaques. Cinnamon mixed with forest honey can also help you reduce weight. Regular consumption of lemon helps detoxification and makes you slimmer, reducing your weight easily. This wonderful mix of natural ingredients call Weight Watcher Honey will help you reduce weight and gain a charming physique.

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE 24 months from the date of packing
HOW TO USE 2 Tea spoon of garlic honey with 1Glass of Luke warm water with Fresh Lime. To be taken twice a day after walking/ Exercise.
INGREDIENTS Ginger oil, garlic oil, cinnamon oil combined with a secret process of mixing pure forest honey
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