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Expert Skin Maintenance for Men

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Expert Skin Maintenance kit/bundle

With a focused injection of high-performance skincare for men, you can take your standard maintenance routine to the next level. With our Expert Maintenance Set, you can fight premature ageing, balance out skin tone, lighten dark circles, and clear congested pores. This kit includes everything you'll need to wash deeply, balance your skin's pH, exfoliate, hydrate, and boost UV damage healing, among other things. This is the kit for you if you're ready to take your skincare to the next level. 


1. Helps repair sun damage

2. Fades hyperpigmentation

3. Slows premature skin ageing

Extra Information

COLOR Multicolour
CONTENTS / IN THE BOX 1. Charcoal Cleanser 2. Moisturizing Balm 3. Exfoliating Rub 4. Anti-wrinkle Cream 5. Dark Circle remover
INGREDIENTS 1. Coffee extract 2. Walnut extract 3. Tamarind extract
SIZE Travel
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