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Fachouette Pucca Volcanic Ash Plaster Mask

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FACHOUETTE PUCCA VOLCANIC ASH PLASTER MASK by Chouette cosmetics is a Korean cosmetic product that helps you get soft and smooth skin. Made with Bentonite, Kanolin and Volcanic ash and other extraxts, this product is easy to attach gypsum mask pack. In case of the existing gypsum pack, the powder is mixed with water and applied to the face. Unlike the cunbersone previous method, it is in the form of a mask pack. The pack, which was moist immediately after use, pulls the skin taut as the plaster gardens over time. Also this mask made by Bemlisen fabric which is a non-woven fabric made from cotton linter as a raw material with high adgesion and light feeling, 100% eco-friendly material with biodegradability.


-Fachouette Pucca Volcanic ash Plaster mask is special skin purification solution for removing wastes in pores.
-It contains bentonite, kaolin, and volcanic ash, which are effective in removeing wastes in pores and shrinking pores, to purify the skin.
-Also the mask pack pulls the skin taut as the plaster hardens over time.
-The mask that holds the skin firmly is peeled off as it is in the shape of the face.
-Various raw materials help purify the skin.
-Those ingredients promote the removal of wastes in the pores and alleviation of sebum production.

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