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Freshey's Tamarind 250 GM (Pack of 3)

by Waycool
Rs. 262.00

A sweet and sour twist to all your culinary endeavours, the pulpy tamarind has a rich tradition in our household. Take your taste buds back to your grandmother's times with the naturally sourced tamarind. One cube is ideal to cook for four people. It is processed hygienically by members of women's self-help groups. Widely used in South Indian rasam, chutneys and vegetable curry.
Tamarind maintains a healthy body due to the presence of phytonutrients. Delicious tangy tasted tamarind is widely used in Indian cooking which gives a unique flavour to dishes prepared. It helps to maintain a good digestive system as it helps to dissolve the food quickly speeding up the digestion.
Tamarind is very helpful for weight loss. It makes you keep your tummy fuller for a longer time and stops you from eating junk foods. It also boosts immunity and helps to keep you stronger and active. Since tamarind is loaded with vitamin A, it is essential in maintaining good eye health.
Store it in a cool and dry place. Keep away from sunlight. Once opened, place the content in an airtight container for longer freshness and aroma. This Pure Tamarind is a great gift for those who wish to have a healthy and active lifestyle. Keep you and your family healthy always with FRESHEY's TAMARIND.

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