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Fuschia - Coffee Cream - Smoothening Face & Body Scrub - 50g

by Fuschia
Rs. 300.00
Fuschia Coffee Cream Smoothening Face & Body Scrub not only mesmerizes you in the inviting aroma of fresh coffee and delicious chocolate, it also entices your senses while getting you an amazing skin. This scrub helps get rid of pigmentation and with exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, Leads to temporary reduction of cellulite, improved circulation, reduced eye puffiness, and smooth skin. It opens pores to give you glowing skin.Made using natural ingredients, and free from harmful chemicals like Paraben, Mineral Oils and sulfates, this serves as an exceptional skin revitalizing solution keeping your skin flawless and wrinkle free. While Coffee Powder adds to the anti-aging property of this scrub, they also mildly exfoliate your skin by eliminating dead cells and impurities, giving your skin a smooth and even texture.Directions for Use• Apply on damp face and neck.• Exfoliate gently using circular movements.• Rinse off.• Use regularly for optimum results.Ingredients – Aloe Vera , Veg. Glycerine,. Wheatgerm Oil, Coffee Powder, Olive Oil, Almond Peel.
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