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Gavyamart Vedic Bilona ghee 500 ml

Rs. 900.00

Desi Cow Ghee is known as the golden medicine of Ayurveda. It is sometimes referred to as “clarified butter”, as all of the milk solids have been removed from it. After this process, you are left with a nutritious, easy to digest (lactose and casein free), healing oil that can be used as food or as medicine

What Dose it do

Strengthens The Immune System
Provides Essential Vitamins
Provides Essential Healthy Fats
Positively Affects The Mind And Mood
How to Use

Store in a glass or Steal container
Use with your meal in hot chapatti or daal
Mix with warm cow milk and take after meal
What make it so good

This Bilona Ghee Prepared by shree Nandanvan godham mahatirth where they Capet only Indian breed cows like kankrej, Sanchori and Gir cows only. Milking is done by hands after feeding calf properly.

It is prepared by traditional Indian method where we use A2 cow milk for making cured. Then the Curd is hand churned(bi-directional) to extract Makkhan in earthen pot. obtained makkhan is slowly heated to extract Bilona ghee.

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