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Grow fit Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta | Multigrain Atta | Non - GMO 500g

by GrowFit
Rs. 275.00

With developments in agriculture, there has been an onslaught of GMO foods in the markets, and in our diets. Not to mention the many concoctions of pesticides that are used in even the most basic grains. What if we could bring you grains that have remained untouched and unspoiled for centuries? Grow Fit brings to you Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta made from heirloom grains like emmer wheat, quinoa, and amaranth. This atta is ideal for vegans or vegetarians looking to increase their protein intake. LOW CARB: The lower carb content of this flour means fewer blood sugar spikes thereby making it a much healthier option for your rotis. DIABETIC & PCOS FRIENDLY: With an ideal balance of slow-release carbs and high fibre content, this atta reduces insulin resistance and controls hormonal issues, keeping your blood sugar, gut health, and hormones regulated. HIGH PROTEIN: Ingredients like Amaranth and Quinoa offer high amounts of vegetarian protein, helping to maintain bone and muscle health. WEIGHT LOSS: Regulated blood sugar and intestinal health are vital to weight loss. With sustained energy and high fibre, this atta will help manage your weight. SPECIALTY: Non-GMO product. Made from heirloom grains like Emmer Wheat, Quinoa, and Amaranth. Good source of Vegan Protein. After all, our grandmothers really did know best! Serving size: A 500g pack can make 25 medium rotis.

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