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Guduchi Ayurveda Abhayarista | Helps in Various Conditions like Piles, Constipation, Fistula & Improves digestion | 450ML

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Guduchi Ayurveda Abhayarista is an herbal concoction that has been used as a remedy for over 5,000 years. It consists of various medicinal plants that undergoes a natural fermentation process before it’s used as medicine. These Asava and Arishta are popular due to their better absorption, fast relief, longer shelf life and easy palatability.

Abhayarishtam or Abhayarista is used for treating a myriad of ailments including piles, constipation, dysuria, flatulence, anuria, gas and abdominal distension. Known in Ayurveda, as the “king of medicine”, Abhayarista is the fermented liquid herbal formulation of the herb Abhaya, which is also known as Haritaki. The scriptures of Ashtanga Hridaya and Bhaisajya Ratnavali signifies this arishtam as a magical potion formulated earlier by ancient rishis. It holds high significance for its use in the  treatment of Arsha Arsha (Hemorrhoids'), Udara Roga (abdomen distension, ascites),  Vibandha (constipation), Mutrabandha (difficulty in urination), Mutrakrichha (painful urination).


  • It improves digestion, increases appetite, reduces gas formation and soothes inflammation in piles.
  • It is prepared from natural extracts that have laxative properties and induce peristaltic movements thus making evacuation of bowels pain-free.
  • Provides excellent relief in piles, fistula and fissure.
  • Improves digestion, reduces habit of hard stool and is an excellent rejuvenator for digestive system.
  • Useful in cases of indigestion and constipation.


Haritaki, Vidanga, Madhuka Kusuma, Draksa, Svadamstra, Trivrt, Dhanya, Dhataki, Indravaruna, Madhurica, Cavya, Sunthi, Danti, and Macarasa.

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