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Guduchi Ayurveda Jeerakadyarishta | Effective remedy for Diarrhea, Indigestion, Improves Appetite | Useful in Postnatal Care | 450ML

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Guduchi Ayurveda Jeerakadyarishta is an herbal concoction that has been used as a remedy for over 5,000 years. It consists of various medicinal plants that undergoes a natural fermentation process before it’s used as medicine. These Asava and Arishta are popular due to their better absorption, fast relief, longer shelf life and easy palatability.

Jeerakadyarishta is a generic combination which includes Jeerka-cumin seeds that are useful in digestive disorders and postnatal care. It also helps in normal involution of uterus, promotes lactation and immunity of the mother. Jeerakadyarishta is an effective Ayurvedic medicine, mainly used to manage variety of intestinal complications like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), phthisis, diarrhea, poor appetite, postpartum fever, acid peptic disorders, etc.


  • It is a potent tonic known to improve appetite and digestive capacity whilst strengthening the stomach, liver, and intestine.
  • It is an effective medicine recommended in post-natal care as it detoxifies the uterine and eliminates toxins from the uterus following the delivery.
  • Its antipyretic and antibacterial properties help to manage the infections during the postpartum period in women.
  • Because most of the herbs used in Jeerakadyarishta are hot in nature, it also keeps one away from cold and infections by boosts immunity.
  • It is also used in the treatment of frequent passing of stools, diarrhea, indigestion etc.
  • Improves immunity strength of the mother and protects from cold and infections post-delivery.


Jeeraka, Dhataki, Sunthi, Jatiphala, Musta, Elechi, Tvakpatra, Nagakeshara, Kankola, Lavanga, Jaggery.

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