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Haironic Hair Science Cactus Hair Oil | Promotes Shiny Hair |Non-Sticky & Suitable for All Hair Types – 100ml

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·       Haironic Cactus hair oil helps in adding shine and luster to the hair also condition your scalp.

·         Absorbs quickly: It absorbs seamlessly into the scalp and provides all the nutrients.

·         The unique formulation provides nourishment to your hair & scalp, also helps to control hair fall.

·         Cactus contains a substance similar to keratin, a natural protein in hair cells, in addition it  contains many acids that work on the strength and shine of hair.

·         Haironic Hair Science Products are No Synthetic Dyes, Suitable for All Hair Types, Cruelty Free, 100% Vegetarian, Paraben Free, Sulphate Free.

Description:-Haironic Cactus hair oil is particularly beneficial for the hair. Specifically, cactus oil is said to prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, smooth broken hair, heal split ends and promote shiny hair. Haironic Cactus oil is high in fatty acids, which are excellent in preventing and reducing hair loss. The added vitamins and minerals in cactus oil also help it promote healthier, shiny hair and protect bonds.  It coats the hair with the same layers of protections a cactus plants have to trap and retain moisture, making it a perfect solution for dry, damaged hair.

·         Anti-Gray Oil

·         Suitable For All Hair Types

·         Best For Hair Showing First Signs Of Graying

·          Soothes Itchy & Flaky Scalp

·         Promotes Shiny Hair

Ingredients:- Canola Oil, Garlic, Palm oil, Olive oil ,Flower Oil, , Sesame Oil.

How to Use:-

Step 1 : Open the bottle of Haironic Cactus hair oil

Step 2 : Apply it to your scalp using deep root comb

Step 3 : Press the bottle for the oil to flow

Step 4 : Gently massage the scalp.

Step 5 : See the benefits with regular use.

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