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Haironic Hair Science Hair Vitalizer Hair Oil | Boost Hair Growth, Prevents Hair Fall | Restore Damaged Hair & Hair Roots – 100ml

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  • Nourishing ingredients that keep hair healthy, hydrated, and protected, also fights with Hair fall& Breakage.

  • Haironic Vitalizer Hair Oil also nourishes the dry scalp and control dandruff.

  • Gives Smooth texture for your hair and Protects hair against UV rays.

  • Haironic Vitalizer Hair Oil is Useful for preventing hair fall, hair growth, anti-dandruff and Prevents Hair Greying.

·         Haironic Hair Science Products are No Synthetic Dyes, Suitable for All Hair Types, Cruelty Free, 100% Vegetarian, Paraben Free, Sulphate Free.


Haironic Hair Vitalizer is everything your hair needs in one bottle. It is known to make hair lustrous and gives shine to dry and dull hair. Our blend of natural ingredients make hair easier to Comb and gives it a healthy shine. It is an innovative hair vitalizer that brings the benefits of essential oils for your hair in easy-to-use, non-sticky, water based formula. This is complete hair care for dull, dry, thin, lifeless or dandruff prone hair.

·         Ensures Darker, Stronger, Thicker & Shiner Hair 

·         Restores Damaged Hair 8, Hair Roots

·         Restore Hair Life & Volume

·         Activates Hair Stem Cells

·         Provides Vital Nutrients

·         Increases Hair Growth 

·         Controls Hair Fall and Clears Dandruff


Garlic, Flower oil, Lemon, Sesame oil

Suggested to use:

Step 1 : Open the bottle of Haironic vitalizer hair oil.

Step 2 : Apply it to your scalp using deep root comb.

Step 3 : Press the bottle for the oil to flow.

Step 4 : Gently massage the scalp.

Step 5 : See the benefits with regular use.

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