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Hashmi X Fire Men's Wellness Tablets Tribulus Improves vigour 100% Herbal

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Hashmi X Fire 20 Capsule  Long Time Sex Capsule is a herbal supplement formulated to address the man’s sexual weakness issue and boost sexual performance. The Long Time Sex Capsule for men not only deals with the symptoms of weakness but also removes the issue from the body. Men may feel weakness and disinterest in sex due to various reasons. In such cases, he faces self-discrimination on one hand and embarrassment in front of his partner on the other hand. So, he desperately looks for a solution that can bring him out of this dilemma.

Extra Information

CONTENTS / IN THE BOX 20 capsules
EXPIRY DATE 36 months
HOW TO USE 1 Capsule per day after meal
INGREDIENTS Jamun, Musli safed, Satawar, Gokhru, Asgand, Moosli saih, Kushta bazia murgh
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