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Hayan VallyBall For Small Kids, Play Sprots In House at Home, Garden, Society Street Multi Color

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Original price Rs. 999.00
Current price Rs. 299.00
Color: Assorted (Not Fixed), Multicolor
    • High Quality PVC VollyBall - The ball made from high quality, durable material, so the ball will hold the air and stays inflated without air leaks.
    • SOFT-TOUCH FEEL - Arms are spared with this exceptionally.
    • This long-lasting, soft pairs with ideal tack for slip-free play, making the Hayan Volleyball every player's first choice.
    • High quality 2.0 MM Foamy PVC, deep channel design. 
    • Butyl Latex bladder for extended air retention
    • After Inflation Size: 17 x 17 x 17 cm Aprox
    • After Inflation weight : 150 gms Approx
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