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Healthy Ragi Cookies

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Indulge in these healthy Ragi cookies made with Ragi flour, Almond Flour and Raw Jaggery. Perfect for eating between meals or on the go. Having these cookies with a fresh fruit or tea and coffee can control your hunger & leave you feeling light. Do this only when you're hungry. Ragi contains high dietary fiber, calcium and essential amino acids which help balance blood sugars & cholesterol levels. Jaggery aids digestion and has plenty of anti-oxidants. So snack guilt-free and make better choices.

Additional Information- 
Petite Jar  (100g)- Glass Jar
Medium Jar (200g)- Glass Jar
Grand Jar (400g)- Glass Jar

The shelf life of the product-  6 months in a sealed condition
Keep in a cool and dry place
Our cookies do not contain any preservatives.


Ragi Flour, Vegan Butter, Jaggery, Vanilla Extract, Edible Mineral Salt, Oats Flour, Almond Powder

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FOR Unisex
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