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Healthy Salted Granola

Rs. 280.00

Graminway Healthy Salted Granola, an innovation from our chef, is a healthy and perfect way to start your day. This snack is made with thin flattened rice, cornflakes, and loads of nuts. It tastes best with thick yoghurt. Whether eaten as a cereal or snack topping, granola can make for a crunchy, nutritious treat.
It is nutritious, lightweight, and easy to carry and the best breakfast option for people with busy lifestyle or the ones involved in outdoor activities. Granola is a snack with abundant health benefits. Its consumption will help lower blood cholesterol, regulate digestion, aid weight loss, and prevent certain heart diseases.
Graminway aims to provide clean, natural, and healthy products without compromising on the flavours and taste. We produce them in small batches, which helps maintain freshness and preserve the ingredient texture. By not stockpiling, each product is as fresh as possible when it reaches your doorstep. Best Before 4 Months from Manufacture, Store in Cool Dry place, Store in air tight container

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