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Herbal Dia Care

Rs. 220.00


  • Lowers Blood Sugar Naturally
  • Restores Pancreatic Function
  • Restores Pancreatic Function
  • 100% Ayurvedic
  • Helps in Relieving stress, thirst & frequent urination
  • Dosage information mentioned in the product


  • Terminalia Arjuna, Asparagus, Chobchini Bark, Tinoaspara Cordifolia, Pteocarpus, Licorice, Brahmi, etc



  • Boil 2-4 Grams with water for 3- 5 mins, Leave it for normal temperature & Drink on empty stomach
  • Use thrice Daily before Food
  • Take this along with routine sugar control medicine and slowly reduce the sugar medicine from 100 to 25% and stop completely while checking the sugar level
  • Avoiding Maida, White Sugar & High Oil related products will give even better result

Extra Information

FOR Unisex
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