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Hibiscus Powder

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Name a person who does not cherish gorgeous flawless skin and satin-smooth, thick and tenaciously strong locks. You couldn’t, right? We don’t blame you for there is no one who wouldn’t desire both.And what’d be better if there happens to be one splendid natural ingredient bearing a hand to you with both? Absolutely incredible! No points for guessing, the ingredient that deserves all the adulation it frequently is at the receiving end of – Hibiscus is what your quest for great skin and hair should begin and end at. No questions asked.  A natural source of AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids), hibiscus powder when used topically on skin, helps exfoliate and thus, clear clogged skin leaving it smooth, oil-free and healthy. Not only is it a sterling moisturiser thanks to its high mucilage content, but also power-packed at halting prematurely ageing skin. For hair, the more it is said the less it appears since hibiscus packs a punch at hair fall, thinning and coarseness like no other ingredient. Drench your skin and hair in the goodness of authentic organic hibiscus powder with Bliss of Earth’s Hibiscus Powder. Give your skin and hair some tender love and care with nothing but the best.

Extra Information

COLOR beige
FOR Unisex
SIZE 100gm
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