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Purenso® Essentials - Ice Cream Stabilizer

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Ice Cream Stabilizer

Ice Cream Stabilizer is used to increase mix viscosity and to increase the perception of creaminess in ice-creams It also provides resistance to melting. Many of these functions are attributed to the enhanced viscosity of the ice cream mix.

Stabilizers are powerful binders and so you only need to use a tiny amount: typically between 0.1 and 0.5% of the weight of the base mixture. Any more and your ice cream will be over stabilized and unpleasant.

Stabilizers can improve ice cream in several significant ways:

  • they reduce ice crystal growth
  • they reduce air bubble size
  • they slowdown melting
  • they increase smoothness, body and creaminess
  • they deliver flavor cleanly

Mix the base and stabilizer thoroughly (at least 5 minutes) to disperse the the stabilizer evenly through out the base. If not done properly, your ice cream may not form properly.

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