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Imbue FireFly - All Natural Stimulant for Women

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Looking for a genie in a bottle to find the Big O? Well, fret not! A pioneer product, Imbue Firefly, is an all-natural stimulant for women which creates instant arousal and wetness in a matter of minutes - all of this whilst maintaining the pH level! The name ‘Firefly’ comes from an active ingredient in the stimulant called Agnishikha, a herb that enhances circulation and desire. Its meaning literally translates to 'the tip of a flame’. This ayurvedic and plant-based formulation extends the time-frame of arousal and can be used multiple times.

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE 3 years from the date of manufacture
HOW TO USE 1. Take firefly on your fingertip, gently massage it on to your clitoris and surrounding areas. n2. Wait for a while and see the magic it creates.
INGREDIENTS 1. Agnishikha - Enhances circulation and desiren2. Majufal, Supari and Lajjalu - Enhance toning due to their astringent effectn3. Dudhi seed oil - Enhances lubrication, prevents laxityn4. Menthol - Provides cooling and soothing effectn5. Hemp seed oil - Promotes lubrication, reduces inflammation, supports repair processn6. Agnishikha and Dudhi seed oil - Provides antimicrobial effect
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